This web application is a simple administrative tool to help the lab's operations team track the time (in terms of weekly percentage effort) lab members spend on individual projects. The information collected by this app will be compared to the lab's finance data to align lab member's project work with their salary support across the many grants which support our research activities. This web app is not intended to replace your vacation, PTO or other reporting on Broad Workday -- please continue to use Workday for all official time off requests, and also ensure that your time off is also reflected in this effort tracking tool.


This web application is used by members of the Getz Lab to report, on a weekly basis, their percentage effort allocations across the projects they are working on. Contact a member of the lab's Operations Team (Brian Danysh, Mendy Miller, David Heiman, Serene King) if you are unable to log into the app, or a project you are working on is not listed.

Steps to report your effort:

Bug Reporting and Feature Requests

Yes, there will be bugs. All Getz Lab members have write access to a GitHub project board for the Getz Lab Effort Reporting App. Please add any bug reports as new items in the "Bug Report" column. Please include the software version number displayed in the navbar to your bug report. Feel free to add feature requests to the "Feature Request" Column. Feature requests that aim to simplify or streamline the application's usage will be prioritized; "nice-to-have" feature requests that polish the UI or provide "cool" functionality are unlikely to be acted on. This is a simple server-side app (the author has a personal goal of not learning javascript!) so don't get too fancy with your requests.